Sans Passport

Human Rights Consultancy

Sans Passport is an independent international human rights consultancy founded by human rights expert Fiyola Hoosen Steele with the goal of providing a range of professional human rights services on an international and a local level.


Sans Passport offers consulting services to various bodies such as the United Nations, Foreign Diplomatic Missions, Governments, International Organizations, National Organizations, Community based groups and Private institutions.


Sans Passport Services include:

* Designing, implementing and evaluating governance frameworks to promote and protect human rights, particularly for private and public institutions.

* Advisory services to diplomatic missions for their effective preparation and participation in the work of the 3rd Committee of the UN General Assembly in New York and Human Rights Council in Geneva.

* Designing, implementing and evaluating advocacy strategies and programs on human rights, particularly on civil and political rights.

* Capacity building (Education and Training) on human rights, particularly at schools and with community based groups.

* Development and outreach programs, particularly on economic, social and cultural rights.

* Advisory services on issues of social development, social justice and the rights of women, children and vulnerable groups.

At Sans Passport we believe that universal human rights are not something that belongs only in declarations or at the United Nations; it belongs to the people and must be a part of our daily lives. It begins in small places, closest to home, from the neighborhoods we live in, to the schools or universities we attend, from farms, factories or offices we work in, to our justice, social and governance systems. Unless human rights have meaning in these places, they have little meaning anywhere else.

It is the aim of Sans Passport to contribute towards the development of a human rights culture by creating awareness of rights from the grassroots level upwards so that every man, woman and child can seek for themselves equal justice, equal opportunity and equal dignity without discrimination.